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KL Monorail

KL Monorail is the latest addition to the integrated light rail transit system for Kuala Lumpur. It stretches from KL Sentral and ends at Titiwangsa Terminal via the Golden Triangle of  the Kuala Lumpur City Centre.

I commuted the KL Monorail a few times since it began operating in 2003. IT IS SAFE, though no KLians would forget the accident occurred involving a safety wheel from a train falling off and hitting David Cheliah walking under the monorail viaduct prior to the opening!

Image enhanced with HDR Painter

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  1. 20 Feb 09 - 7:35 pm - #

    Phenomenal work! I love the use of color :)


  2. 21 Feb 09 - 4:12 pm - #

    I really like monorails. Nice picture.

  3. 03 May 09 - 10:54 pm - #

    So beautiful..

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