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Jetty Deck

Ridzuan on an old jetty deck. It was a beautiful day. The small alien looking thing in the background is actually an old oil mine plant/station that is now turned into a hotel.

Image enhanced with HDR Painter

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  1. 08 Jun 09 - 6:48 am - #

    bro hdr painter setting dalam mane bro??? pki dslr jenis ape eh?? nice la..raase jeles tgk org fotographer ni..sbb nk gak beli satu..hu3

  2. borzack
    08 Jun 09 - 8:15 am - #

    hdr painter tu plugin/script untuk Photoshop la. Aku mana pakai DSLR, kamera digital automatic biasa jer huhuhu… Aku bukan photographer pun, saja-saja jer…

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